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CALZANETTO S.L. has over more than thirty years of experience as a manufacturer of high quality shoe care sponges.

Our sponges clean and shine shoes and all other leather and vinyl products…

CALZANETTO S.L. is 100% committed to the production of shoe care sponges. Producing sponges is the only activity of the company. This focus is what enables us to make the finest sponges available on the market today.

What began as a company employing two people, today employs well over fifty.

We have invested significantly in research and development. We have designed and built machines that ensure an efficient production of shoe care sponges while protecting both the workers and the environment.

We have been congratulated by the local environmental authorities by our efforts and results. We have been accepted into the small and exclusive group of approved Vendors of Phillips Van-Heusen (G.H.Bass & Co.), a firm that selects their approved Vendors based on the respect shown to both the workers and to the environment.

We are members of the Duales System (Grüne Punkt) in Germany. We pay for the collection and the recycling of the plastic used in manufacturing our products that we export to that country. We are part in Spain of an Organization that collects and treats all kinds of waste.

We export from Spain to 99% of our production on the five continents. In general we use one distributor per country.

We make our shoe care sponges for people of all ages, races, colours, religions and political persuasions. If you are intolerant of others colours, races, religions or political persuasions, please, do not buy our sponges; they are not made for you then.